About Us

Nothing is more important to our freedom and liberty than an accurate vote.


It is your right as an American citizen.


Protect it!

We are a group of concerned citizens who are aware of the issues with the use of technology and the security of our vote. Electronic voting machines are no more secure than the computers they are hosted on. And there are those who would go to great lengths to have the vote to come out in a specific way.

In fact, the vote is the voice of the people, and that voice must be heard - clearly and without any question of its truth and accuracy.

We only want to make sure the vote is secure and the results are accurate. Anything less than this will put the existence of our country in danger.

Let's secure our vote - and our voice!

Regina Monaco
Andrew Snyder
Stacy Snyder
Stacy Snyder
Gail Saunders
Paul Saunders