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Mail In Voting = Fraudulent Voting

By Gail Saunders

May 31, 2020

On May 26, 2020 Donald Trump tweeted:

“There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed. The Governor of California is sending Ballots to millions of people, anyone....living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one. That will be followed up with professionals telling all of these people, many of whom have never even thought of voting before, how, and for whom, to vote. This will be a Rigged Election. No way!”

Twitter responded with a “fact check” claiming that there is no evidence mail-in voting would increase fraud risks. How they can "fact check" this is unknown, and they did not say what they used for data. However, that did not stop their claim from spreading like wildfire in the media. It was said that mail-in voting has been done for years in the form of absentee balloting. Therefore, there is no reason to think mail-in voting would lead to fraudulent voting. But the scale previously used is not comparable to the scale we are now considering for the vote in 2020.


There is a world of difference between absentee balloting and the mail-in voting leftists are proposing for November. In most localities absentee balloting is a carefully controlled process whereby a voter must REQUEST a mail-in ballot. That request is validated by voter registration and the ballot is sent to an established address. What Democrats are proposing is that ballots be mailed to ALL voters based on existing voter rolls - dubious, unverified records which the leftists have been using lawsuits to avoid cleaning up. In every state, reviews of voter rolls have identified incorrect entries of persons who have moved, are deceased, or are not legal citizens. Removing such names must be aproved legally, and many times such cases go unheard or or the cleanup is not allowed by the courts.

This would not be a carefully controlled, verified process where the identity of the voter REQUESTING the ballot is carefully checked. There is no time to prepare a properly coordinated and curated effort. Instead, there would be millions of ballots blanket mailed out to people who have not requested them. This would include people who have died, illegal aliens, and those who have moved to another location in our highly mobile society. The opportunity for fraud would be enormous — stolen ballots, filling out someone else’s ballot, voter intimidation, buying votes, etc. Leftists trying to ruin our system are very politically astute.

A lack of time to prepare, secure, and vet a brand-new, nationwide mail in voting system will allow those who are interested to make the election of 2020 the most corrupt in our history. We must not allow this.

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