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News and Notes on the Upcoming Election - For Pennsylvania

By Paul Saunders

GOP Highlights on upcoming voting in Northampton County PA:

  • The Northampton County Republican Committee (NCRC) is seeking registered Republican Voters residing in Northampton County to become Certified Poll Watchers for the June 2 Primary Election. To volunteer to become a watcher, email either Joe Moyer at joemoyer@northamptoncountyGOP.org or Gloria Lee Snover at leesnover@rcn.com . They will need your name, address, phone number, and ward or district where you vote.

  • The GOP needs Watchers at the County Courthouse in Easton, PA. The Watchers will serve a shift of as many hours as they can spare.  The full schedule of Watchers will be coordinated by the Republican Party officials (Joe Moyer and Lee Snover).   

At the Courthouse, the Watchers will:

1.) Oversee opening of Mail-in ballots which will start at 7:00 am June 2

2.) Oversee the secure storage of ballot containers coming in from all the precincts after the polls close at 8:00 pm Tuesday June 2.

3.) Watchers serving at the Courthouse are prohibited from divulging ANY INFORMATION about Vote Counts until after 8:00 pm when the polls close.

4.) The shifts for Courthouse Watchers can potentially run as late as 3:00 to 5:00 am on Wednesday June 3.

  • Northampton County has 153 voting precincts using a total of 320 voting machines.

  • Anyone who REQUESTED a mail-in (Absentee) ballot will be removed from the list of eligible voters on the Apple Electronic Tablets used to register voters in each voting precinct whether they mailed-in the ballot they received or not. This could cause a lot of heated exchanges at the polls because voters are un-aware of this change in the Absentee voting process.

  • Some Republican voters who requested Mail-in ballots were sent Democrat ballots in error while others were sent Republican ballots for the wrong precinct.  This can only be remedied by voters bringing that wrong ballot back to Voter Registration in the Courthouse to exchange.  If the voter destroyed the erroneous ballot, they destroyed their chance to vote in the Primary except by Provisional Ballot which are often not counted.  These ballot errors are likely caused by the Voter Registration office laying off a large number of people during the Covid-19 Lockdown. Every GOP request made to the Voter Registration office has been met with a “we can’t do it due to Covid-19 or layoffs” reply.

  • The June 2 Primary is the very FIRST TIME these electronic tablets are being used instead of paper registration books. PA State Election Law was changed to permit “registering to vote” on dates very close to the election which allegedly forced the use of these electronic tablets on Northampton County. PA State Republicans for some unknown reason did not stop these changes in the legislature.

  • Democrat requests for mail-in ballots are running 3 times higher than the level of Republican requests in Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

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