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No Mail In Votes for Pandemic - Especially as We Can All Still shop at Costco and Walmart!

Updated: May 24, 2020

By Gail Saunders

We are facing an assault on the integrity of the voting process in the United States. This is coming in many forms. A partial list is as follows:

Insecure electronic voting machines

Failure to clean up the voting rolls.

Attacks on the validity of the Electoral College

Acceptance of “vote harvesting” in the name of increasing voter participation

Particularly horrifying is the recent proposal for mail-in voting, proposed (ostensibly) to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Why can we still shop at big-box stores, go to the beach, take public transportation in NYC, crowd up in Central Park, send essential workers to work - but not vote? It makes no sense.

Nancy Pelosi is one of several powerful voices who are advocating proposals to assist states in implementing voting by mail. Watch for this to be included in the next “rescue package”. The CDC is encouraging mail-in voting on their website (cdc.gov). This is not their role. Governor Wolf this week extended the lockdown in PA to June 4 which happens to be 2 days after the scheduled June 2nd primary. We believe this is an attempt to force a mail-in primary and set a precedent for November.

We note that in a special election this week Republican Mike Garcia was elected to Congress in a California district previously held by a Democrat. Many of the votes cast in this election were mail-in. Is this proof that mail-in voting can be done fairly? Not so fast! First we observe that he needs to run again in November. He won by 12 points which he stated in an interview was an even greater margin than he expected. Hmm. Is this vote maybe being used as a tool to lull the American people into accepting mail-in voting? Sadly, this question must be asked.

Imagine the potential for rampant corruption given the increasing spread of vote harvesting! We are making it easy for evil to prosper. Speak out!

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