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Pennsylvania Judge Pleads Guilty for Taking Bribes in Exchange for Illegally Adding Democratic Votes

By Kristine Javier May 22, 2020

Contributed by Paul Saunders

While the rest of the Democratic Party continued to advocate for a nationwide “vote-by-mail” scheme in the upcoming 2020 general elections, former Judge of Elections in Pennsylvania, Domenick DeMuro, 73, had pleaded guilty for illegally adding votes in favor of Democratic candidates, in three separate election seasons between 2014, 2015, and 2016.

In a recent announcement from the Department of Justice (DOJ), DeMuro admitted that he had added additional votes in the ballot box, in exchange for monetary gains from a political consultant who was working for Democratic candidates. At that time, DeMuro was assigned to oversee the election process in the 39th Ward. The former judge pleaded guilty to charges of election fraud, and the violation of the Travel Act.

During the indictment, DeMuro testified that the political consultant had received the payments from Democratic candidates, and placed it under “consulting fees.” The amount which ranged between $300-$5,000 was then directed to the Election Board Officials, including Demuro, as a part of their agreement to illegally add votes to the paying candidates.

Moreover, he had openly admitted that he had stuffed ballot boxes “as fast as he could” while he was standing in the voting booth. In another statement from US Attorney William McSwain, he describes it as an “utterly reprehensible conduct. The charges announced today do not erase what he did, but they do ensure that he is held to account for those actions.” However, Democrats remained undeterred by such cases and even continued to lobby for a nationwide “vote-by-mail” scheme. In fact, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez even alleged Trump of plotting to “steal the election” by refusing to support the “cheat-by-mail” system. In an interview for the left-wing media outlet, MSNBC host Chris Hayes claimed that Trump’s conflicting tweets were “nonsense or lies or liable or slander,” and asked the DNC chair on how they can ensure a fair and safe election. Perez responded that it was their “highest priority” to ensure safe elections, specifically since they expect to see an increase of “voter suppression” in the coming months ahead. He continued to say how the Republican party is using the pandemic as a way to “suppress votes.”

Hayes then went on to play a clip in which Trump expressed his concern over the fraudulent nature of the “vote-by-mail” scheme. Perez defended their stand by saying that they are trying their best to ensure that the American people would have their “fundamental right” to vote, adding that banning the nationwide “vote-by-mail” system is a “desperate effort to steal an election, is going to stop at nothing.”

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