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The Atttacks on your Vote are Real

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We are concerned with protecting the integrity of the American vote - nothing more, nor less. We are non-partisian, and wish to protect the right of all Americans, of all opinions, to vote and to have that vote counted faithfully.

We are alarmed by the rise, over the past 2 decades, of electronic means to collect and count votes, because using computers can enhance the ability of interested parties to silently and secretly steal the vote. We are not at all interested in "which side" may or may not be doing this. If it is possible, you may be sure SOMEONE is doing it. DO you want the vote to degrade to whichever side has access to better hackers wins? No, I didn't think so!

In the face of this current pandemic, there are multiple calls for alternate ways to vote, either online, by phone, or by mail-in ballot. There are also calls to remove difficulties such as providing ID, or witnesses to your mail-in vote. While it is true these measures will make voting harder - voting should be hard! You want to be sure each and every vote is a true vote from an individual - un-coerced, un-censored, and accurate. If you are required to provide ID to, for example: open a bank account, buy a bus ticket, purchase a smartphone, sign a lease, get medical insurance, rent a hotel room, rent a car, visit your doctor, pick up a prescription, cash a check, start a new job - surely the proof to vote should be no less. Every American must provide ID to do the common, everyday things listed and many more besides. It is a way of modern life.

This article is just one of many current news articles, representative of an appeal to approve new measures to make voting more accessible during the pandemic. While they sound appealing, they reduce the accuracy of your own vote. While none of this involves electronic voting, it is one part of a trend, and all these approaches reduce the visibility and accountability of your vote through its chain of security - as it is cast from your hand to the counting of your vote.

Make sure your vote is accurately counted, as you've cast it - or it is your voice that will not be heard!


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