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The Electoral College Preserves the Will of the People against Tyranny

By Andrew Snyder

The Electoral College is the body of representatives who elect the President of the United States. The founders of the United States and the Framers of the Constitution created this system for a reason. Was it because they were elitists who thought the people were too stupid, too incompetent or too irresponsible to vote? Or was it because they wanted to protect people from tyranny?

Protection from tyranny is consistent with their other goals. Remember they opposed taxation without representation, resented tyrannical rule by England, and created systems and a Constitution—beginning with the words “We the People”—that explicitly limits government and protects the individual from tyranny. So, it seems unlikely that their motives for the Electoral College was based on some misguided elitism or a view that individual self-governance was undesirable. Instead, it is clear that they expected self-governance and supported individual rights in every way they could. Why then would they have the Electoral College?

Democracy has been described as “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Whether or not this was said by Benjamin Franklin is irrelevant, but the sentiment is correct. If you understand the idea in a quote, it really does not matter who said it. A good quote or good idea should elevate the person who said it, but just because a famous or historically significant person said something does not make it right or wrong. Judge for yourself.

In any case, there is reason to be cautious of democracy. It allows oppression of individual rights by a tyranny of the majority. The two wolves and a sheep example illustrates this principle perfectly and illustrates why we need a system of protection in place. It need not involve the use of force—which is the last resort in defending one’s rights. Instead, we want a system of government that protects our legitimate rights against all forms of tyranny—including the tyrannical dictatorship of mob rule.

The Electoral College does a few things that protect your rights to participate in the election of a president. First, if people in your state vote differently from the majority of the nation, there is a chance for your voice to be heard because of the Electoral College. Second, it protects against fraud. With simple majority rule for the presidential election, any cheating or irregularities impact the entire process. A corrupt government in Texas or California, for example, could stuff ballot boxes and swing the vote count by millions. With the Electoral College, the impact of such fraud is only the state’s electoral votes—without the EC, the whole system is impacted. Cheating and fraud are much more difficult when the Electoral College is in place.

The Electoral Colleges protects the individual and minorities

The purpose of the Electoral College is critical for protecting the rights of the individual and of minorities. Without it the majority gets to exploit everyone else. This video sums it up nicely: If you want to keep the results of the election from being controlled by a few individuals with the means and poor character necessary to corrupt and election, and you want to protect yourself from mob rule, you need the Electoral College. https://www.prageru.com/video/the-electoral-college-is-essential/

Why does the Electoral College matter?

The United States was founded to protect individuals from any form of tyranny—including the tyranny of a majority. Majority rule or democracy is unstable because a slim majority can seize power and oppress nearly half the population. This causes pure democracies to self-destruct. They are inherently unstable without some protection and checks against mob rule and oppression. The Electoral College is such a check and it prevents cheating and fraud. See this video for an explanation and some recent historic examples: https://www.prageru.com/video/do-you-understand-the-electoral-college/

What can you do?

Share this video (< 2minutes) and the others above about the electoral college and help spread awareness that the Electoral College is worth preserving and has lots of benefits. Most people have no idea that the purpose of the Electoral College is to protect individual rights, encourage coalition building during campaigns, ensure that every voter matters, and to make it tougher to steal an election.


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