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The Vulnerabilities of a Known Electronic Voting Machine

In this video, Professor Carsten Schuermann, an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, discusses the "WinVote" machine. This voting machine has been widely regarded as one of the worst voting machines made, with glaring gaps in its security technology that impact voting security. A version of this voting machine he was decommissioned after the 2015 elections in Virginia, and have since been analyzed to aid in developing more stable and credible machines.

Security flaws and breaches in voting machines which have been in use brings to light the flaws in the Federal testing and certification process, as well as the overall integrity of the entire electoral process.

It is essential that every citizen educate themselves on the security flaws in these machines in order to protect our country from false voting and to ensure the vote accuratetlely represents the will of the people, and *only* the will of the people.

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