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Voter Fraud in the US

July 14, 2020

I am not an election official, political science major, government contractor, or anything along those lines. I am just an American citizen, and a curious one at that. Like everyone else, I hear about voter fraud, but in balance what I hear most is that although there may be some, sporadic cases of voter fraud, the reality is that it is rare and/or inconsequential.

Is this true? I wanted to know.

To do this, the only tool I had was the internet, and by now everyone knows you can find anything on the internet. Anything. So I was faced with the task of hunting down actual data, and reliable documents and sources to decide on this rather contentious issue. I expected the task to be difficult and dubious. Was I surprised.

Its not hard at all to see where the truth lies. Maybe its because my approach was to start with how the electronic voting machines work, and go from there. I am, maybe, fortunate in this regard because I am a computational scientist and I am familiar with computers, and what I don't know myself (a lot), I know who to ask or how to find out.

I was blown away by what I found easily available on the web. I outlined part of this in the talk I presented below (I was a speaker after someone else, so the link starts in the middle of a longer video). Basically, electronic voting machines (EVM) could not be less secure. They are vulnerable to external and internal attacks, via software and hardware. They are set to not keep audit trails (???why???), thus files can be deleted or exchanged with no records left afterwards. Only 4 companies make ALL the voting machines for all the counties in all 50 US states. Cast ballot data files are sent overseas to be tallied (???why???), with no oversight.

Oh yes, I could go on. And I haven't yet mentioned other methods of voter fraud, such as are found with voting-by-mail. That is rife with security lapses as well, and plenty of proof can be found for that statement.

Here is a link to the talk I gave, and right below are 2 links to my references - no need to believe me, just check out the references. Please feel free to email any questions you may have on this. It is unbelievable. Check it out.


https://lvtp.org/vfpresentaion .

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