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Voter Fraud - Is it Real?

This is a seminar I gave in July 2020, before the widespread adoption of mail-in voting, and the latest extensions on counting these mail-in (or drop-box, in some cases) ballots. Those events make the facts presented in my seminar that much more worrisome.

All the information presented in this talk - 100% - was found on the internet. Anyone can access it. Please take nothing I (or anyone) say as fact without doing your own research.

I guarantee you will be surprised at just how much various types of voter fraud has grown, slowly but surely, in the US over the past 30 years. There are incidents, none of them trivial, in every state.

Take a look, and draw your own conclusions. Me? Even I was appalled at what I learned and I went into this knowing of the massive amount of voter fraud that exists. It is worse than even I knew. That is surely saying something.

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