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You should be caring for Your Sewer -- and Your Government!

By Andrew and Stacy Snyder

For most people, the government and the sewage system play a similar role. Both make your life better, eliminate problems, and unless either one malfunctions you are largely unaware of their importance. It is only during failures that we wind up mired in deep problems and need to take action—however unpleasant—to restore proper function and make our lives pleasant and enjoyable once again.

In both cases, it does not matter who is governing the system as long as "waste" is piped away and, in the case of government, as long as your individual rights are protected from thugs both foreign and domestic. It is only when the waste or the thugs start backing up and wreck your property and life that you must act to restore proper function to the system.

With a little care and principled action both your sewer and your government can (and should!) function successfully in the background. Act on principle. Flush only things that are appropriately flushable, and elect only those people who appropriately support and protect individual rights. Failure to do so leads to results that are remarkably similar. Avoid all candidates who offer special services for select groups. Groupisim is the opposite of individuality. It doesn't serve you, or any other citizen, in the long run. You are an individual with rights and the role of government is to protect your individual rights. Everything else you can get on your own for lower cost, better quality, and greater reliability. Speak up and take action when your government malfunctions and fails to protect your individual rights.

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