What can you do to protect the vote in the 2020 elections?


Get the word out. Share this website (trueusa.vote) with friends and local media. First we seek to understand the scope of the problem, which is what this website seeks to do. Only then can we determine what we, the American citizens, can do. If all eyes are watching, it will be much more difficult for cheating or hacking to occur. With enough informed citizens, this cheating can be stopped. That is our goal.

Check out protectthevote.com, a website designed by the RNC and President Trump's campaign which  provides more information about the President's legal challenges to unfair, unconstitutional attacks by the progressives.


Get involved. Laws and procedures vary from state to state and county to county, and you can call your local Board of Elections to find out how to be a poll worker or a poll watcher in your area. Be informed. Bear witness if you see voter fraud.


Support Judicial Watch (judicialwatch.org). Judicial Watch is working across the country to clean voter rolls. Tom Fitten, the President of Judicial Watch, says, “Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections.” They recently sued Pennsylvania to remove over 800,000 “inactive” voters from the rolls – note that this has not yet occurred and is not as simple as it sounds, due to resistance. In Wisconsin, 209,000 “inactive” voters were not removed from the voter rolls. So check the news in your state and use your voice to support the cleaning of our voter rolls. The first step toward getting a true vote is making certain that only living, legal citizens who are registered to vote are the ones who are voting.


Get to work with President Trump at donaldjtrump.com: donate, volunteer, do whatever you can to protect our republic.


Work with local organizations, such as your local Tea Party. Our local Tea Party organization is Lehigh Valley Tea Party (lvtp.org) is working hard to re-elect President Trump and to take back the House of Representatives with solid conservative candidates.